We recognise the importance of promoting a growth mindset in the pupils we work with. If we can equip our future generation with access to a positive, can do attitude and how to connect, they will achieve more personal success and give them greater clarity in goal setting


Learn More About Awareness

Developing the ability to perceive situations and people is central to every Leadership Explored programme. It allows us to communicate and collaborate with greater success.

We address this in two steps, by gaining an insight into self, our capabilities and potential.


Learn More About Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill for developing Leadership and effective collaboration in group tasks and teams.
Appropriate communication is explored through a series of innovative workshops according to roles and environment.



Learn More About Resilience

Leadership Explored recognises that building resilience is a continuous process in our lives. Equipping our future generation with tools and strategies to cope with adversity and disappointment will provide a platform of support through to adulthood.

Emma Alford


Emma Alford has over 20 years teaching experience in the UK and Australia. She has worked in both Primary and Secondary schools as a class-based teacher, a PE specialist and held a number of leadership positions.

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