Senior Leadership Team

Leadership explored is an educational initiative which will empower your staff and pupils to develop themselves and achieve more in learning and life. Essentially, unlocking potential and connecting pupils to their future aspirations.

A comprehensive programme which explores a set of skills and attitudes which will enable staff to gain a better understanding of Leadership and its impact on themselves as individuals and the pupils they work with.

  • A commitment from us to ensure the programme is tangible and sustainable.
  • To reach across the school not just to those with a natural aptitude and confidence but to develop/promote this ability in everyone.
  • Establish this culture throughout your school and create a point of difference.

In schools where the programme has been implemented headteachers have found class management has improved and productivity have increased as a result of the training for staff and pupils.

“Staff training was great.  It enabled me to explore how staff think and prefer to communicate.  It has meant when I deliver challenging ideas, I can always start by referring to our circle of concern/circle of influence which enables us as a team to understand mindset and how this affects us.  Staff are more positive and are willing to try new things. All in all, it gave all members of the team an opportunity to reflect, regroup and retrain their way of operating”

Jane McNally

Headteacher , St Gregorys Catholic Primary School

“Both my staff and I have been hugely impressed by all that she has done here; for both her planning and execution of training courses has been exemplary.” 

Guy Canning

Head, Warwick Junior School

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